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Enve 1.0 Road Fork 43mm Rake 1-1/8" Straight

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Enve 1.0 Road Fork 43mm Rake 1-1/8
  • Enve 1.0 Road Fork 43mm Rake 1-1/8
  • Enve 1.0 Road Fork 43mm Rake 1-1/8
  • Enve 1.0 Road Fork 43mm Rake 1-1/8
  • $489.00

Using a proprietary molding process all ENVE road forks are 100% molded carbon fiber from steerer tube to dropout. ENVE forks capitalize on unique tooling designs that allow them to create parts that are free of traditional concepts. With this freedom they offer thoughtful, logical improvements to the strength and ride, all at unbelievable weights. Several people have challenged ENVE as to why they make forks when so many frames now come with them. To this they answer... ask someone who's ridden an ENVE!

Prior to the introduction of the ENVE 1.0 road forks, the thought of attacking an exposed hairpin turn on a sketchy alpine descent aboard a 300 gram fork was enough to cause even the most seasoned veteran to reassess their entry speed. The addition of the 1.0 road forks to ENVE's line was met with a fair amount of enthusiasm by those who already owned the 2.0. The 1.0 is an ultra-light fork engineered to meet the highest industry safety and quality standards without compromising the ride quality that ENVE is known for. So if you're setting out to build something exceptionally light, that you actually intend to ride, then the choice is clear... go 1.0!

  • 1.125"
  • Weight: 295g
  • Max Tire Clearance: 28c
  • Steerer: 300mm Straight
  • Race Width: 1.125"
  • Rake: 40mm, 43mm, 45mm, 50mm
  • Axle to Crown: 367mm
  • Finish: UNI


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